Greetings all,


          My sincere hope is that this message finds you all healthy and well. As you know, globally we’re facing tremendous hardships due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Our hearts and prayers go out to our families and friends affected. As a result of this vicious deadly virus, we’ve found ourselves in an impossible position. I’ve personally had to make some very difficult decisions. However, our creativity has never been limited. This fantastic team put our elastic imagination to work. We found that we can definitely still provide products and services both to our clients and the world. Here at Showbench It has never been our hearts to sit idling on the side line. Instead we’ve dug deeper into looking for a way to join in on the fight to support the frontlines. We’re creatively utilizing our resources globally to join the fight to combat COVID 19 on all fronts. We’ve partnered with our international clients during this difficult time and are currently establishing access to many medical supplies including N95 masks and other PPE equipment. We have resourced the following: Air Purifying Machines, Face Shields, Gloves (Various Sizes/Nitrile or latex-free, Hair Covers, Hand sanitizer, Hospital Beds, Negative Pressure Machines, No-Touch Thermometers, Regular Thermometers, Safety Goggles, Sanitation Units, Sanitizing Spray, Sanitizing Wipes, Shoe Covers, Surgical Gowns, Surgical Masks, Tyvek Suits, and Ventilators. We can send over a complete catalog of products we’re currently offering. We’ve had to adjust like most in our industry during this difficult time to stay in business. We all have moved quickly to assist in stopping the spread of this fatal virus. Please advise if we can aid you and your team in any way possible. 


Thank you and looking forward to being of service to you!


Respectfully yours,


Joe Mosby

North America CEO & Managing Partner

mobile: 1(470)332-7092



Thank you!

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